How do I change a table name in Notion?

How do I remove a table title Notion?

Fortunately, it couldn’t be easier – select ‘Properties‘, followed by ‘Card Preview’, then select ‘Page Cover’. Now all that’s left to do is flick the switch next to ‘Name’ over to ‘OFF’.

How do you change properties in Notion?

Also worth noting here that you can quickly bulk edit properties in a Notion database by clicking and dragging to select your rows, right click -> Edit Property, and choose the property you’d like to edit in bulk.

How do you delete a name column in Notion?

Follow the blue line to align the content and release the mouse. If you see that the right column wasn’t deleted but only stayed empty, hover over it and click the column icon. Click on Delete to remove it.

How do you add a new table in Notion?

Open up Notion and navigate to the page that you want to add a full-page table to as a subpage. Click in the body of the page and type “/table“. Select “Table – Full page” from the contextual menu. A new table will be created on a subpage of the page you were on.

How do I change the table size in Notion?

Just two columns, then hover over the vertical divider in the middle, then click/drag to change the column width! Table of contents block below.

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How do I move a table to a different page Notion?

Open Notion. Select the table you want to copy. Press the three dots to access options. Press “Copy Link.”

How do I get rid of no status in Notion?

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room: The ‘No Status’ column. While this could be useful for some, most people will inevitably want to remove it – and you can do just that by clicking the three horizontal dots and selecting ‘Hide‘. Hide the ‘No Status’ column for the most traditional Kanban Board experience.