How do I backup a single project in Jira?

How do I export a single project in Jira?

Log in to the source Jira as an administrator. Go to the add-on administration page. In the menu on the left, in the PROJECT CONFIGURATOR section, click Export selected projects. Select the projects that you want to export (to select more than one, use the CTRL key in Windows, or COMMAND key in macOS.)

Can you copy a project in Jira?

We’ve just released an update for our Jira cloud app Deep Clone for Jira that enables you to clone entire projects, including project configuration, issues and sub-tasks. To clone a project you simply select “Clone project…” as target project in the bulk clone dialog.

How do I export and import a project in Jira?

Atlassian Jira Project Import steps

  1. Step 1: Import the Epics (Level 1) In Jira, there is an issue hierarchy, but each Jira issue contains only information n about the level above. …
  2. Step 2: Import the User Stories / Bugs/ Tasks (Level 2) …
  3. Step 3: Import the Sub-tasks (Level 3)
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What data can be backed up in Jira?

You can export the following data to backup your Jira Cloud site: Issues. Users and user group settings. Issue attachments, user avatars, and project logos (if selected)

How do I Export a project list in Jira?

select * from project; Depending on the tool you use, you should be able to directly export the results into a . csv file. You can also do it in the actual SQL code, but it’ll be a bit more complicated and will depend on the actual database you’re running.

How do I Export a CSV file from Jira?

In order to export Jira issues in form of a CSV/ Excel file, just search for the relevant issues using filters/ JQL and then use the “Export” button to get access to all the export options. Next select the option “Export Excel CSV” to export the issues.

What is deep clone in Jira?

Sounds like you have the app Deep clone for Jira. Cloning an issue only copies the issue. Deep cloning an issue copies the issue and all of it’s sub-tasks. … Clone is the built-in default option in Jira to copy an issue.

How do I bulk clone issues in Jira?

Bulk Clone using the Jira issue search.

Filter the issues you want to Bulk Clone by using Jira Issue Search. Click the Bulk Clone button. Configure and create your Bulk Clone.

How do I restore a backup in Jira?

Choose Administration ( ) > System. Select Import & Export > Restore System to open the Restore Jira applications data from Backup page. In the ‘File name’ field, type the file name of the zipped XML backup file generated by Jira.

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How do I recover a project in Jira?

To restore a project:

  1. Choose > Projects.
  2. Select Trash from the sidebar.
  3. Find your company-managed project and select ••• > Restore.

How do I archive a project in Jira?

To archive a project:

  1. Go to Administration ( ) > Projects.
  2. Find the project you want to archive, and select Actions ( ) > Archive. The project will be immediately hidden from view and moved to the Archived projects page.
  3. Re-index Jira to remove the project’s data from the index.

How do I automatically backup Jira?

To do this:

  1. Click the Built-in Services link below the Class field to expand the list of Jira application built-in service classes.
  2. Click the Backup service link. The Class field will automatically be populated with the following class text string ‘ com. atlassian. jira. service. services. export. ExportService.

How do I Import a backup into Jira?

Specify the backup file

Choose Administration ( ) > System. Select Import & Export > Project Import to open the Project Import wizard page. Specify the path and name of your backup file in the ‘File name’ field. Your backup file must be an XML or ZIP file (as exported by Jira).

How do I automate a backup in Jira?

Jira Cloud does not support automated backups. Currently, you can perform data-only backups (which exclude attachments, avatars, and logos) at any time. When you create a backup that includes attachments, avatars, and logos, you will need to wait 48 hours from the last time you created a backup with attachments.