How do I archive completed tasks in asana?

Can you archive completed tasks in asana?

Archive old projects

Asana allows you to have an unlimited number of projects and store as much information in them as you need to (forever!). … Once a project’s work is completed (or you’re just not using the project anymore) you can archive it.

How do I hide finished tasks in asana?

Hide completed tasks on Asana board by default

  1. Mark your completed tasks with that green checkbox.
  2. Set your board to Only show Incomplete tasks.

How do I archive tasks?

In the task list, locate the task you’d like to archive. Right-click anywhere on the task row and select Archive from the resulting pop-up menu. Once a task (and its subtasks, if any) is archived, it is considered View Only and can only be accessed when View Archived Tasks is selected.

Can you hide projects on asana?

By default, work in Asana is public to your organization, but you can create private projects to keep information limited to only those that need to see it. To make a private project to you and other teammates, you’ll need to be an Asana Premium user.

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How do I hide archived messages in asana?

To hide an archive project in the Home screen, you just need to unfavorite it by following these steps:

  1. Click the three dot icon when hovering over a project.
  2. Select Remove from Favorites.

How do I hide completed tasks in project?

In order to do that, go to the Project menu and click on “Autofilter” option. After that, click on the autofilter arrow next to the % complete column heading and uncheck “100%” value. All the completed tasks will be hidden and only the tasks that are in progress will be displayed.

How do I make completed tasks disappear in notion?

If you have a column where you are tracking the status of the project and want to filter out all the completed tasks, click the “+ Add a filter” button. Select the “And” condition and set up the filter to not show completed items as shown in the screenshot above. You should now only see tasks that are for this project.

How do you show completed tasks on a team?

Show completed tasks in the Tasks view

In Tasks, on the View tab, in the Current View group, click Change View and then click Completed.

Where is my archive in Click up?

How to Show Archived Folder and Lists:

  1. Expand your left sidebar.
  2. Hover over Spaces and click the Settings icon.
  3. Click Show archived.

Where is the archive in Click up?

Click the ellipses menu … next to a Space name. Click Archive.

How do you unarchive a firefly task?

Your archived tasks are removed from your list of active tasks. To view them, select Filter > Status and choose Archived. You can also archive an individual task by selecting Archive Task in its overview. If you want to remove tasks permanently, you can delete them instead.

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