How do I archive a project in Jira?

Can you archive project in Jira?

Go to Administration ( ) > Projects. Find the project you want to archive, and select Actions ( ) > Archive. The project will be immediately hidden from view and moved to the Archived projects page. Re-index Jira to remove the project’s data from the index.

Why can’t I archive a Jira project?

For Jira Cloud, project archiving is limited to the Premium plan. This is explained in Archive a project. There is not a means to archive a project in Jira Cloud for the Free or Standard plans.

How do I archive a project in Jira cloud?

Currently, there is no possibility to archive a project in jira cloud. However, using the permission scheme you can hide the project from the users/group. Here is the link for configuring a jira permission scheme. It’s a basic feature that needs adding in to cloud.

What does it mean to archive a project?

Simply archive your project right in the app! When you archive your project it simply means you are storing it out of site in a certain inbox/folder where you can always access it at a later date. This allows you to stay organised and keep everything tidy!

How do I hide a project in Jira?

Hide a project

  1. Create a new permission scheme, and leave all of the permissions empty: Select > Issues. …
  2. Associate the new permission scheme with the project that you wish to hide (see the section Associating a Permission Scheme with a Project ): Choose Settings > Projects.
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How do I find archived projects in jira?

As @Mike said there is no archive available in cloud. It only for the data center version. If you’re a JIRA admin and can’t see a project when you view all projects then it isn’t there. I would talk to whoever told you there are archived projects and ask how it was done.

What happens when you archive a release in Jira?

Archived means to hide an old version from the Change Log reports, and in the Jira User Interface. … If I understand the answer correctly when we Archive the Issues related to the Release, these Issues will no longer be visible on the Issue Navigator (JIRA User Interface).

How do I archieve a ticket in Jira?

To create a JIRA ticket:

  1. In JIRA, click on Create Issue.
  2. Select the project Support Nuxeo Connect.
  3. Fill in the description as precisely as possible. Depending on the type of your issue, provide the appropriate items in the following list: steps to reproduce the issue. logs. screenshots. …
  4. Click on the Create button.