How do I add someone to a basecamp project?

How do I invite people to my project?

Select Invite & Collaborate on the Home tab or use the Invite button when you’re already in a project. Tap on the CODE that appears just beside the “Join Code” option. Select the way you’d like to share the Join Code: a) Send it using AirDrop, Messages, Mail or other applications.

How do I make someone an admin on basecamp?

Just head over to Adminland by tapping on the Home button, then tapping on the Adminland link in the upper right corner. Once you’re in Adminland, you’ll select the Add/remove administrators link.

Can you group projects in basecamp?

Basecamp 3 lets you organize your Projects in whichever way makes the most sense for your team. Don’t need any to-do lists on this particular project? … Tailor each Project or Team to the type of work you’re doing, the client you’re working with, or just to make it feel more like home.

How many people can use Basecamp?

Basecamp says Basecamp Personal is designed “specifically for freelancers, students, families, and personal projects,” and with it, you can make spaces for up to three projects, work on these projects with up to 20 users, and store up to one gigabyte of data in those projects.

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How do you invite clients?

Customer magnets: 8 Cost-effective ways to invite customers to your business

  1. Build your social media presence.
  2. Kickstart a contest. …
  3. Capitalize on word-of-mouth. …
  4. Motivate with freebies. …
  5. Sweeten deals with discounts. …
  6. Say it with a Sign. …
  7. Register in online directories. …
  8. Make a connection. …

How do I add a business to Basecamp?

Creating New Companies

  1. Go to Adminland.
  2. Click on the first option to “Add/remove people or change their access”
  3. Find the person whose company you want to change, and click “Edit” just below their email address:
  4. Click the tiny “X” next to the current company name, type in the new one, and click to save changes:

How do I link accounts to Basecamp?

In the menu, click My Profile : Next, click the Change your login info here link below your personal info: Click the Switch to Google button: In the pop-up window that appears, pick the Google account you want to use to sign in to Basecamp and you’re all set.

Can admins make other admins?

As the administrator of a Facebook business page, you can make any other person an additional administrator on the page. When you assign administrative privileges to another co-worker, he can make changes to the page including posting pictures of products, store updates and sending messages to customers and clients.

What is better Basecamp or asana?

While Asana offers more features, more integrations, and a better, more informative startup process, Basecamp offers better pricing and faster support. When it comes to ease of use, both tools are simple, intuitive, and effortless to navigate.

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How much is Basecamp worth?

The company, which changed its name to Basecamp in 2014, has been valued at $100 billion dollars and has annual profits in the millions of dollars.

Does Basecamp have an app?

Basecamp 3 works everywhere you do. Just sign in with with your desktop, phone or tablet web browser, or download the free apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Basecamp 3 works on any PC running a 64-bit version of Windows 7 or newer. Learn more.

Does Basecamp have Kanban boards?

Easily access your kanban board

Boards are added to Basecamp just like every other tool. You can access them from the project home screen or from the project tool drop down by clicking on the project name. You can even turn off the tool for any project.

Does Basecamp have time tracking?

Basecamp is online project and time management tool that eases your burden of handling the projects by collaborating them with rest of your team. … So, along with the project management, Basecamp allows you to track time by integrating with various work timer applications in the market.

What is the difference between basecamp 2 and 3?

Basecamp 2 includes a 60-day free trial, while Basecamp 3 offers a 30-day free trial. You can get a $150 credit on your account for upgrading to Basecamp 3 from Basecamp 2. … If you have fewer than 40 projects or need less than 15 GB of storage, you could save about $50/month by using Basecamp 2.