Frequent question: What is a wallboard in Jira?

What is Agile wallboard?

The Agile Wallboard gadget is a view of a board with a selected Quick Filter (or all issues when a team-managed project board is selected). So the equivalent would be to look at the board with the filter.

What is used to display a board as a wallboard gadget in Jira?

Click Tools > View as Wallboard.

How do I use Jira wallboard?

The wallboard is a dashboard gadget that acts as an information radiator to provide instant visual insight into project progress and team accomplishments. To view a dashboard as a wallboard: Choose the Jira icon ( or ) > Dashboards. Choose your dashboard from the sidebar and click ••• > View as wallboard.

What is Jira dashboard?

Your dashboard is the main display you see when you log in to Jira. … You can create a personal dashboard and add gadgets to keep track of assignments and issues you’re working on. Dashboards are designed to display gadgets that help you organize your projects, assignments, and achievements in different charts.

What feature is present in a scrum board?

A scrum board may include these columns: To Do: the prioritized backlog of product features planned for the current sprint. In Progress: the list of tasks that have been started. In Test: completed tasks that are being tested for verification.

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What are issues in Jira known as?

Issues are the building blocks of any Jira project. An issue could represent a story, a bug, a task, or another issue type in your project. Here’s an issue in a Scrum backlog: Selected issue: Select an issue to view its details. Backlog: Estimate issues and plan your sprints.

What is the difference between board and dashboard in Jira?

A board is a view of a selection of issues, that you can use to see and update them. It displays them in columns, with each column representing a step in your process for them. A dashboard is a place to collect together a set of reports that people might find useful.