Frequent question: What are labels and filters in Todoist?

What is the difference between label and filter on Todoist?

Who are you with? Similar to the “@waiting” label, you could filter tasks based on the specific people you need to follow up with. The only difference is that this label is more specific than a generic waiting label. For example, you might not want to have labels for each person you work with.

What is the best way to use filters in Todoist?

You want to make sure old tasks don’t slip through the cracks. To do that, use a filter that looks at tasks that were created before 30 days ago. You can use labels in filters, too. So if you use labels like @night to keep track of tasks you work on at night, check out if you’re free on Saturday night with this filter.

How do you organize labels in Todoist?

On any platform – web, desktop, or mobile – simply type @ into the task field directly followed by the label name. You’ll have the option to choose from a list of existing labels, or add a new one. The smart Quick Add will automatically recognize and add the label when you save the task.

How many labels can you have in Todoist?

Todoist’s limits for tasks, projects, files and more

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Number of Free Business
Labels per task 500 500
Reminders per user n/a 700
Comments Unlimited Unlimited
Comments per task Unlimited Unlimited

What is filter in Todoist?

Filters let you save your task searches so you can find the exact tasks you need in seconds. For example, pull up a list of all your tasks labeled @email that are also due today.

How do I label a To Do list?

Select Platform:

  1. Click the + icon to create a new task.
  2. Type @ into the task field (or click the label icon on the right).
  3. In the menu that appears, select the label(s) you want to add. Keep typing the label name to narrow down the results.
  4. If a label you type doesn’t exist yet, you’ll get an option to create it.

What is query in Todoist?

Take a look at the Filters section in your navigation pane, and go to the “No due date” filter. This shows you every task in Todoist without a due date. … The power of filters lies in queries, which allow you to create searches that show only certain groups of tasks. You can create filter queries based on: Due date.