Frequent question: How do I read a Time Tracking report in Jira?

How do I see hours worked in Jira?

Open any Jira issue that has already been worked on (You can access issues via a variety of project boards, “Issues” menu item or inside a “Your work” tab). In the issue view, on the right, look for the “time tracking” section.

What is jira time tracking?

Jira’s time tracking feature enables users to record the time they spend working on issues. Note: Before users can specify time estimates and log work, they must be granted the Work On Issues permission for the relevant project(s).

How do I view Sprint history in Jira?

Go to your Board and click on “Reports” –> under Switch reports select “Sprint Report” and you see dropdown option where you can navigate to different sprints which provide complete history of active and closed sprints.

How do I edit time spent in Jira?

You can edit the time record information, for example, if incorrect amount of hours was logged on the issue.

  1. Select Edit on the time record’s option menu.
  2. The Log Time form is displayed. Make the necessary changes to the date, duration, etc.
  3. Click Update to save your changes.

How do I remove Time Tracking in Jira?

turn off time tracking

  1. Go to ‘Settings’
  2. and then ‘Issues’,
  3. then ‘Issue Features’
  4. and then ‘Time Tracking’
  5. Click ‘Deactivate’ to disable time tracking.
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How do I change the remaining time in Jira?

You can add it to the sidebar of the main ticket view. For this purpose, you have to edit the Field layout of the sidebar (at the bottom right: configure) and add the field “Time Tracking”. Then you will get the residual time estimation in your sidebar.

How do I see my work log in Jira?

In the old view, the work log can be viewed and edited by opening the “Work log” tab on the bottom of the view.

If you click on the arrow next to Comments, you will see a dropdown with all the remaining available options:

  1. History.
  2. Work Log.

How do I log time in Jira?

Logging work on an issue

  1. Select the issue you want to log time on.
  2. Go to More > Log Work.
  3. Fill in the following Log Work fields, and select Log: Log Work field. Description. Time spent. The amount of time spent on the issue. This is the aggregate amount of time that has been logged against this issue. Date started.