Frequent question: How do I change the status of a test case in Jira?

How do I change the status of a test in Jira?

I believe all you need to do for enabling workflow options for TEST issue type, go to admin tab-> Manage Apps-> search for Zephyr for Jira and under this you will find the General Configuration tab and there you will find the Display workflow toolbar for Issues of type “Test” checkbox and all you need to enable this.

How do I customize a status in Jira?


  1. Log in as a user with JIRA Administrators permission.
  2. Go to Statuses page by choosing Cog Icon > Issues > Find Statuses under Issue Attributes category at the left.
  3. Click at Add Status then specify the name, description and the category for the status you want to add.

How do I change status fields in Jira?

Choose Administration ( ) > Issues. Select Statuses to open the ‘Statuses’ page. Click Add Status and complete the ‘Add Status’ form: Name — specify a short phrase that best describes your new status.

How do I revert my status in Jira?

How to update the workflow status in Jira: Build your workflow

  1. Create a global transition to the ‘On Hold’ status.
  2. Create a transition from the ‘On Hold’ status to every other status you want to come back to.
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What are the different status in Jira?

Here’s a list of the statuses that come with JIRA products, depending on what projects you’ve created on your site.

  • Open. The issue is open and ready for the assignee to start work on it.
  • In Progress. This issue is being actively worked on at the moment by the assignee.
  • Done. …
  • To Do. …
  • In Review. …
  • Under review. …
  • Approved. …
  • Cancelled.

How do you undo a change in workflow in Jira?

There is no “revert”. If you had kept a backup, you could change the workflow scheme to point to that instead of the new one you’ve now got. Without a backup, you either have to re-create the desired flow and move back to it, or manually edit the workflow back to the previous shape.

How do I create a blocked status in Jira?

4 answers

  1. JIRA Administrator > Issues.
  2. Locate the Priorities Tab (its under Issue Attributes)
  3. Under Add New Priotiy fill out the information (Name, Description, Icon URL and Priority Color)
  4. Here is what I used. Name – Block. …
  5. Now you have created a new priorty type that will show users it is blocked.

How do I reopen a closed issue in Jira?

In this case, you would need to copy the existing workflow, create some new status (optionally, like reopen), then create new transitions that allow you to move from this Closed status into your reopen status or some other status (like open again).