Does facilitate mean lead?

Are lead and facilitate the same?

As verbs the difference between facilitate and lead

is that facilitate is to make easy or easier while lead is to cover, fill, or affect with lead; as, continuous firing leads the grooves of a rifle or lead can be to or lead can be .

What is does facilitate mean?

transitive verb. : to make easier : help bring about facilitate growth.

How do you use the word facilitate?

Facilitate in a Sentence

  1. The translator will facilitate the conversation between the immigrant and the attorney.
  2. According to the contract, a mediator will facilitate the settling of our dispute.
  3. The hotel concierge will facilitate car service for guests who do not have their own transportation.

What is an adjective for facilitate?

facilitative. Having the effect of making easy; easing.

What’s the difference between a leader and a facilitator?

In other words, leaders led the team, always in the “right” direction, because the leader was always right. … In other words, facilitator provides the work environment that would allow team and client to come up with the highest value solution at given point in time.

What does a facilitator do?

The definition of facilitate is “to make easy” or “ease a process.” What a facilitator does is plan, guide and manage a group event to ensure that the group’s objectives are met effectively, with clear thinking, good participation and full buy-in from everyone who is involved.

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What is the meaning of facilitating factors?

In general, facilitating factors are types of circumstantial evidence that help the prosecution or a private plaintiff establish that competitors have agreed to, for example, fix prices, divide markets or restrict output contrary to section 45. … The exchange of pricing information followed by parallel price increases.

What is the meaning of the word facilitate in the context of the passage?

Preventing something from reaching its goal. Enabling something.

What is facilitate in social work?

The role of a social worker in facilitating change involves the gathering of individual groups for the purpose of achieving a common goal which may include community development and advocacy.