Can you snooze Slack messages?

How do you snooze in Slack?

Do Not Disturb (DND) mode is the go-to way to pause notifications from Slack. To temporarily snooze notifications when you need to concentrate, click the bell icon atop your channel bar. Then choose a time or set your own custom interval.

How do I pause Slack notifications?

Pause notifications

  1. From your desktop, click your profile picture in the top right.
  2. Hover over Pause notifications.
  3. Choose a time frame from the menu, or select Custom to set your own.

Can you turn off direct messages in Slack?

Enable or disable Slack Connect DMs

Workspace Owners can enable or disable this option: From your desktop, click your workspace name in the top left. … Check or uncheck the box next to Enable Slack Connect for direct messages. Click Save.

How do I turn off snooze notifications in Slack?

Turn off or adjust DND

  1. From your desktop, click on your profile picture in the top right.
  2. Hover over Pause notifications.
  3. Select Resume notifications, or hover over Adjust time to choose a time frame.

How do you snooze on twitter?

Navigate to the Direct Message you’d like to snooze. Click or tap into the message settings. Click or tap the information icon then select Snooze notifications. From the pop-up menu, select the snooze time interval you’d like: 1 hour, 8 hours, 1 week, or forever.

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How do I mute Outlook notifications?

Mute notifications in Outlook

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Hit File and then Options , then select Mail.
  3. In the Message arrival section go ahead and uncheck the following boxes: Display a Desktop Alert and Play a Sound.
  4. Note that here you can also hide the envelope icon in your right hand side desktop bar.

Can you snooze notifications on Iphone?

Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb. Turn on Scheduled and set a schedule. Choose when you want to receive alerts, calls, and notifications: Silence: Choose to silence calls and notifications always or only when the device is locked.

How do I send a message in Slack without notification?

Fewer messages means fewer notifications

You can start a DM with “hey” or with a , but make it the first line of your entire message. Getting everything you need into a single direct message means that only one notification is sent to the person.

What happens if you close a DM on Slack?

Once you close or archive a conversation in Slack, it’ll automatically close in Intercom. Likewise, if you close a conversation in Intercom, it’ll be archived in Slack.

How do I block messages on Slack?

There’s no way to block someone on Slack, no matter which version of the app you’re using. Certain extensions exist for Google Chrome that claim they can block people on Slack, but they don’t work.

How do you mute DMs on discord?

Go to your “Home” page by clicking the Discord logo at the top of your server list on the left. 2. Right-click the name of anyone in your Friends or Direct Messages list and select “Mute” from the menu.

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