Can you search for links in Slack?

How do I find links in Slack?

Open the Slack app. From the Home tab, swipe right to open the main menu. Locate your workspace’s Slack URL below the workspace name.

What kind of items are searchable in Slack?

Messages, files, channels and people: your four search categories. Atop the Slack search interface, you’ll find four tabs that sort results into categories: messages, files, channels and people. Searching messages is straightforward. The word(s) in your query will appear somewhere in each resulting message.

Can you search Slack messages?

Start a search

Click the search field at the top of Slack. Below the search field, select the type of results you want: messages, files, people, or channels. Type what you’re looking for into the search field.

How do I search for a post in Slack?

View posts in your workspace

  1. From your desktop, click File browser at the top of your left sidebar. …
  2. Click Filter.
  3. Open the File type drop-down menu, then select Posts.
  4. If you’d like to narrow your results, select additional filters.
  5. To open a post, click the Edit in new window icon.
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How do I search for a channel in Slack?

Join channels

  1. Click Channel browser at the top of your left sidebar. If you don’t see this option, click More to find it.
  2. Browse the list of public channels in your workspace, or use the search bar to search by channel name or description.
  3. Select a channel from the list to view it.
  4. Click Join Channel.

How do you add a link to a Slack message?

Select text, then click the link icon in the formatting toolbar.

In addition to the ⌘ Shift U / Ctrl Shift U solution, you can also add a link quickly by doing the following:

  1. Copy a URL to the clipboard.
  2. Select the text in a slack message you are writing that you want to be a link.
  3. Press ⌘ V on Mac or Ctrl V.

How do I search for a group chat in Slack?

Start a search using keyboard shortcuts

Type ⌘ G on a Mac or Ctrl G on Windows or Linux. You can also search in a specific conversation by typing ⌘ F on a Mac or Ctrl F on Windows or Linux from any channel or DM.

How do I see private channels in Slack?

Click Settings & administration from the menu, then click Organization settings. Click Channels in the left sidebar. Search for a channel name, or filter channels by channel type or workspace. If you have permission to manage private channels, you can check the box next to Show all private channels.

How do I find old Slack messages?

To access your most recent conversations in Slack, select the History button that resembles a clock. The icon can be found in the top toolbar, left of the search bar. This History button will open a menu listing your most recent conversations in order.

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How do I jump to a specific date in Slack?

Update2: “archives” path. I found a faster way for the browser, but not the desktop app. The above “archives” path shows a page that has a date picker “BROWSE BY DATE”. Click on “Pick a date” and you can quickly scroll back to the beginning of time.

Can you private message on Slack?

Direct messages (DMs) are smaller conversations in Slack that happen outside of channels. They can be one-to-one, or include up to nine people. DMs work well for one-off conversations that don’t require an entire channel of people to weigh in.