Can you highlight text on Confluence?

How can you highlight text without using the mouse?

Press the “Right-arrow” key while keeping the “Shift” key held down. Notice that each time that you press the “Right-arrow” key, a character is highlighted. If you want to highlight a large amount of text, simply hold down the “Right-arrow” key while pressing the “Shift” key.

How do I add CSS to Confluence?

Getting Started

  1. Go to the space and choose Space tools > Look and Feel from the bottom of the sidebar.
  2. Choose Stylesheet then Edit.
  3. Paste your custom CSS into the text field.
  4. Save your changes. The new CSS will be visible on all content pages in the space.

Can you change font size in Confluence?

Confluence intentionally does not give you any options for font size aside from the heading and paragraph text types. It is meant to be a company-wide documentation repository and as such all you documentation should have a similar look and feel. That is also why you cannot choose font.

What is page tree in Confluence?

The Page Tree macro displays a dynamic, hierarchical list of pages starting from a specified parent (root) page. It can act as a table of contents or a list of related topics. When viewing the page tree, your reader can click a link to view the relevant page. The page’s current position is highlighted in the page tree.

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Does Confluence have format painter?

The Format Painter for Confluence lets you copy all formatting from one text section and apply it to another.