Can I merge two Notion accounts?

How do I transfer from one Notion account to another?

How to Enable Another Notion User to Copy Your Template

  1. Head over to the page or template you want to share.
  2. Click on the “Share” option at the top right-hand side of the screen.
  3. Toggle the “Share to the web” button so it’s enabled.
  4. Do the same for the “Allow duplicate as template” button.
  5. Copy the link.

Can you have multiple workspaces on Notion?

The more experienced you get with navigating Notion, the easier it will be for you to manage multiple workspaces. To add a new workspace in Notion, follow the steps below: Make sure you’re logged into your Notion account on your Mac or PC. Click on the “X’s Notion” section in the upper left-hand corner.

How do I import a Notion workspace?

Scroll down to “Export content”.

  1. Click the button to export workspace content. Choose HTML format.
  2. Log into your Slite team. Choose “Import Content” from the left sidebar (near the bottom.) Import each document from your Notion export, as HTML.
  3. Once you’ve imported your workspace, your Notion docs will live in Slite.
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How do I get rid of a copy of In Notion?

You can right click on any content in Notion (or use the gesture that corresponds to right click on your track pad) to bring up a menu including Delete and Duplicate .

Can you change email in Notion?

Change your email address

Click Settings & Members at the top of the left sidebar. Select My account in the sidebar of the new window. Within Personal info and Email , click Change email . … Copy the verification code sent to your new email address; paste it into Notion and click Change email .

Can you use Notion on two devices?

You can only sync 2 devices to one account, any more and you have to pay. Notion lets you add and sync as many devices as you want. They even incentivize you to try their other apps, giving you free credit by downloading a mobile app and sharing content from within the app.

Does Notion sync between devices?

Notion syncs across devices, meaning the same version of your Workspace you access at home can be viewed and edited on the move. … Since all Workspaces are constantly backed up to Notion’s servers, changes made on one device will be available on others in a mere matter of seconds.

How many workspaces can you have in Notion free?

Free workspaces are limited to 10 boards.

Does Notion have unlimited storage?

We’ve stored everything from DOCs and PDFs to PSDs and ZIPs, as well as MPEGs and MP4s, on Notion, with the service confirming that you can upload anything to your Workspace, of any size, so long as you’re a Personal Pro subscriber or you’re capped at 5 MB per file. …

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How many pages can you have in Notion?

Now, though, they have access to unlimited pages and blocks and can share them with as many as five guests. That does’t mean Notion has gone completely free to use — paying customers get extra perks instead.