Can I embed Excel into notion?

Can you embed an Excel file in Notion?

Click the Import button at the bottom of the left-hand panel. Choose CSV from the Import Options screen. Pick the Excel file in the file chooser and click Open. The Excel file’s content will appear as a table in the Notion page.

Can you use Notion like Excel?

Once you’re happy with the Notion columns, great! Next step is to create your row. Adding new rows will help you to add a new entry very similar to Google Sheets or even Microsoft Excel. Adding those interactive columns earlier will add some context to your table without the need to go into the row.

Can you upload a CSV to Notion?

Click on the “CSV” option. Navigate to the folder containing your CSV file and select it. Click “Open” to import the CSV file into the Notion page. You should now see your CSV file in Notion as a database table.

What is the difference between Notion and Airtable?

With Notion, your only option is sharing your table and having users input data directly into cells. Airtable, on the other hand, lets you create a form (as another grid view) where you can present users with fields, multiple choices, file uploads and long-form texts – without needing a single integration.

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Can Notion replace Google Docs?

Notion trumps Google Docs in terms of visualization. The way it shows the links and data is far better than the simple Google Doc. I would advise you to master Notion keyboard shortcuts to fly through editing functions. With the help of a template you can manage complex projects in style.

How do you embed a link in Notion?

How to Add a Link in Notion

  1. Launch Notion on your Mac or PC.
  2. Open the page you want to add a link to.
  3. Copy the link you want to add from your browser or wherever you have it showing.
  4. Start typing some text on the Notion page and select a specific part where you want to insert a link.

Can you link Google Sheets to Notion?

Keep your databases from Notion automatically in sync with Google Sheets. Use Sheets formulas to send data to Notion, create recurring tasks and even connect cells with Notion blocks for dynamic dashboards!

Can you make graphs in Notion?

Select chart types, legend positions and other options that work with Notion. Watch your charts respond as you resize your blocks.

How do I import a Google spreadsheet into Notion?

Option 2 – import Google Docs into Notion

  1. Open the Doc in Drive.
  2. Go to File > Download > Microsoft Word.
  3. Open the left hand menu in Notion and click Import.
  4. Chose Word and upload the file.

How do you create a simple table in Notion?

Open Notion to the page where you want to add the table. Click in the body of the Notion page. Type “/table” and select “Table – Inline” from the contextual menu. An empty inline table will appear on your Notion page.

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Which is better Notion or Evernote?

It’s more flexible, appeals to a broader range of use cases, and offers users more integrations with the tools they’re already using. Evernote certainly outperforms Notion in some areas such as note-taking. But generally, Notion offers virtually all the same functionality, plus a bit more besides.