Best answer: What is a version workload report in Jira?

What are the three types of reports in Jira?

We can generate following reports in JIRA:

  • 1) Average Age Report: It shows that how many issues are pending or unsolved. …
  • 2) Issue Created vs. Resolved Issues Report: …
  • 3) Pie chart Report: …
  • 4) Project Pivot Report: …
  • 5) Recently Created issue Report:

What is workload in Jira?

The User Workload report is designed to only show one user: The ‘User Workload’ report displays useful time tracking information on issues assigned to a particular user. It shows the number of unresolved issues assigned to the specified user, and the workload remaining, on a per-project basis.

How do I know what version of JIRA I have?

You can check Jira Software version on the footer of any page in JIRA. It will be written in grey font. Or you can go to Applicatons->Versions and Licenses. You can see there the verisons of Jira Software, Jira Service Desk and Jira Core.

How many types of reports are there in Jira?

Jira houses 9 such Standard Reports namely Burndown Chart, Sprint Chart, Velocity Chart, Cumulative Flow Diagram, Version Report, Epic Report, Control Chart, Epic Burn Down, and Release Burn Down. Issue Analysis Reports: These default reports track bugs; when a bug was created and resolved, pending issues, etc.

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How do you create a workload in Jira?

Step 1 − Go to Project → choose the Specific project. Click on the Report icon on the left side of the menu. Go to ‘Others’ section and click on Workload Pie Chart Report as shown in the following screenshot. Step 2 − Select Project or issue filter for which to generate the report.

Which report shows a summary of all versions of the project in Jira?

Components* – Shows a summary of all components for a given project. Versions* – Shows a snapshot of all versions within a project, and can be filtered by released and unreleased.

What is toggled by field in a story in Jira?

The ‘Toggled by’ field in a story is used to indicate the epic or other toggle. The term ‘toggle’ is used to refer to the phenomenon of switching from one setting to another , when two possible settings are available.

What are the following examples of reports that are generated for Scrum projects?

Agile reports for Scrum teams are:

  • Sprint Report.
  • Burndown Chart.
  • Burnup Chart.
  • Epic Report.
  • Epic Burndown.
  • Velocity Chart.
  • Version Report.
  • Cumulative Flow Diagram.