Best answer: What browsers are supported by Microsoft teams?

Which browsers are not supported for Microsoft Teams?

Some browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari, don’t support Teams calls and meetings. While it’s best to download the Teams app or use a different browser, you can join a call or meeting on one of these browsers and use your phone for audio. You’ll just have some limitations.

Which browser is best for MS Teams?

Can I access MS Teams using a browser instead of MS Teams client/app?

Browser Calling – audio, video, and sharing
Google Chrome, the latest version plus two previous versions Fully supported
Firefox, the latest version plus two previous versions Not supported
Safari 11.1+ Not supported

Can I use Microsoft Teams on browser?

Find Teams on the web at To use Teams, you need a Microsoft 365 account with a Business or Enterprise Microsoft 365 license plan.

Does Microsoft Teams work in Chrome?

3. Install the Microsoft Teams web app. It isn’t necessary to do this in order to use the Microsoft Teams web app, as you can simply use it on a browser tab in Chrome if you wish. But if you want a more desktop app-like experience you can add this shortcut.

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Does Firefox work on Windows 11?

The company said it has reverse-engineered the new Default Apps interface in Windows 11, allowing its users to easily switch the default browser. … Firefox will do all the work in the background, requiring no further input from the user.

Does Microsoft Teams work in Firefox?

Firefox: Microsoft Teams does not work in Firefox. If you try to join a meeting with Firefox, your browser should direct you to download the Teams desktop client.

Can I join MS teams without an account?

You can join a Teams meeting anytime, from any device, whether or not you have a Teams account. Go to the meeting invite and select Join Microsoft Teams Meeting. … That’ll open a web page, where you’ll see two choices: Download the Windows app and Join on the web instead.

How do I use Microsoft Teams on Chrome?

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  1. Go to
  2. That’ll open a web page, where you’ll see two choices: “Download the Windows app” and “Join on the web instead”
  3. Click on “Join on the web instead”

Can you use Microsoft Teams without the app?

Join Microsoft Teams meeting without app – Desktop

To join the Microsoft Teams meeting without installing the app, you need a modern browser like Chrome (or any other Chromium-based browsers), Firefox, Safari, etc. … Enter a name to display during the meeting if you do not have a Microsoft Teams account.