Best answer: What are boards in Confluence?

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What is a board in Confluence?

A board displays issues from one or more projects. You can either copy a board that someone else has created, or create a new board for yourself. You can create as many boards as you like. There are two types of boards: Scrum boards are for teams that plan their work in sprints.

How do you create a board in Confluence?

To create a new board:

  1. Click Search ( ) > View all boards.
  2. Click Create board.
  3. Select a board type (either scrum, or kanban).
  4. Select how you want your board created – You can either start with a new project template for your new board, or add your board to one or more existing projects.

What is the difference between a board and a project in Jira?

Project is a collection of issues where we split requirements, tasks, and release plans within a project. Board is an intuitive representation of a project, which can include one or more projects, depending on the filter configuration of board, including kanban board and Scrum board modes.

Is kanban Lean or agile?

Scrum is a specific implementation of Agile. Kanban is a specific implementation of Lean. They are lightweight frameworks in contrast to heavy-weight systems like CMMI and RUP, they only prescribe a handful of practices (in the case of Kanban), or a double-handful (Scrum).

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Who can create a board in Jira?

2 answers. Hello @Wang_KK , Any user can create a board, but certain permissions are required to share the board with other users.

Is Jira board free?

We offer a Free plan for Jira Software for up to 10 users, 2GB of storage, and Community Support. If you’d like to add more than 10 users or get access to more support and storage, you can sign up for a 7-day free trial of our Standard or Premium plan.

How do I see all boards in Jira?

You can see all boards to which you have access in Boards -> View all boards. But you will see only boards which are shared with you. If you want to see all boards, which are available in Jira, even if this board is not shared with you, you can not do it.