Best answer: Is there a desktop version of Notion?

Can you get Notion on desktop?

There’s a Notion desktop app for both Mac and Windows, which can be downloaded here. You don’t need to use them, though: Near enough the same suite of features can be accessed online through Notion for Web using a browser like Google Chrome.

Is there a Notion app for PC?

You can use Notion on your Mac or PC as a downloadable desktop application.

How do I use Notion desktop?

Before you get started, make sure you take the following 4 steps:

  1. Download the app (iOS and Android)
  2. Download the Desktop App (Mac and Windows)
  3. Install the Notion Web Clipper.
  4. Grab your share link (to earn referral credits)

Is Notion desktop free?

Notion offers four tiers of service: Personal (free), Personal Pro ($5 per month), Team ($10 per person per month), and Enterprise ($25 per person per month).

Can I use Notion offline?

Notion does work offline, but not amazingly. The major issue with Notion offline comes when you haven’t preloaded the pages, in that case, you won’t be able to access them. Also, some updates made while offline don’t always get synchronized.

Is Notion web based or app?

Ivan Zhao founded Notion. The app launched in March 2016 for web browsers and OS X, May 2017 for Microsoft Windows, and June 2017 for iOS. In March 2018, Notion 2.0 was released. It received praise on Product Hunt as #1 Product of the Month, and was featured in an article in WSJ.

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Does notion sync across devices?

Sync Across Platforms – Notion works across multiple platforms, users will find everything that they need is where they need it. Whether that be on a bus or at a desk. Downloading the mobile app means that users will have an entire workplace at their fingertips.

Can you download notion on laptop?

Download desktop app: 2.

Is notion available on Linux?

Notion Desktop builds with Notion Enhancer for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Direct port of Notion is also available for Linux.

Is notion good for students?

Notion is a great app that all students can use to organise their notes. Here are some of the things you can do with it: Create an interactive to-do list. … Organise your classes and lectures.