Best answer: How do I undo an action in trello?

How do I delete a Trello activity?

Click the card to open it, then choose “Archive” from the bottom right. After archiving, a new “Delete” option will be available. Because deleting a card is unrecoverable and permanent, this requires a confirmation click. Deleting cards is permanent.

How do I recover a description in Trello?

Log into Trello in Chrome or Firefox. Go to[card ID]/actions? filter=updateCard:desc, replacing [card ID] with the card ID you noted above.

How do I undo an archive in Trello?

@Chris Hadley the easiest way to undo accidentally archiving something is to go to the board activity, click on the link to the card you just archived and send it back to the board.

How do I delete a workspace in Trello?

You can delete a Workspace by going to your Workspace’s page in Trello, clicking on the “Settings” tab, and then clicking the “Delete this Workspace” link. You must be an admin to delete the Workspace.

How do I edit an activity in Trello?

Editing & Deleting

Edit or delete comments by clicking the “edit” or “delete” links beneath the comment. You can edit or delete any comment you make on any board. Although it’s not possible to edit comments made by another user, board admins can delete comments made by any non-admins on their boards.

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How do I unarchive a list in Trello?

Trello: How to Unarchive Lists

  1. Go to the board menu and click on More.
  2. Select Archived Items.
  3. Select Switch to Lists.
  4. Click on the list you want to unarchive.
  5. Hit the Send to Board button.

Can you undo in Trello?

While viewing a board or a card, you can undo recent actions that you’ve taken by simply pressing `Z`. Each time you press it, your most recent card action will be undone.

Does Trello keep history?

Trello shows a historial log of everything that any user has done since the board’s inception. Likewise, if you click on a specific card it shows the history of anything anyone has done related to that card.

Does Trello have history?

Trello Card History. View a Trello card’s description, name, and points histories, which are not available through the standard Trello interface. The Trello Card History extension provides quick and easy access to vital historical information for a Trello story card’s Description and Name.

How do I find archived cards in Trello?

Search the Archive

Searching for cards within the board archive is now possible as well. Just click “Options” > “Archived Items”, start typing, and you’ll see results instantly.