Best answer: How do I create a public space in Confluence?

Can anyone view a Confluence page?

The short answer is, you can’t. Confluence is designed to be open. … People with Confluence Administrator and System Administrator global permissions can’t see your pages by default, but they can grant themselves space administrator permission to the space.

How do I share a personal Confluence page?

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  1. Create two pages under your space home page. One called “Private” …
  2. Move your single page under the public page.
  3. Move all the other pages under the private page.
  4. Make your space public, give view permissions to the whole org.
  5. Restrict the page “Private” to all the others who are allowed to see the rest.

How do I request access to Confluence space?

To request access to a restricted page:

  1. On the restricted page choose Request access.
  2. Confluence will send an email to up to 5 people most likely to be able to grant you access.
  3. Wait for an email confirming that access has been granted.

Can you share a Confluence page externally?

External Share allows secure sharing of Confluence pages with external users with no additional licenses! Share links with external users and allow them to add comments and attachments, and follow updates live on your Confluence pages.

How do I share a Confluence template?

Choose Create from template , then select Share a link. Drag the Share on Confluence button to your browser toolbar.

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