Best answer: How do I create a line break in Confluence?

How do I manually insert a line break?

Insert a manual line break

  1. Click where you want to break a line.
  2. Press SHIFT + RETURN . Word inserts a manual line break ( ). Tip: To view manual line breaks, on the Standard toolbar, click .

How do you type a line break?

Insert the line break.

Hit the key combination Shift + Enter to create a line break. You will now be able to add content in the line right after the break. Notice that the cursor will not situate itself in the blank space where the break is when you click on the space. This is the line break.

What is the symbol for line break?

In Windows and DOS, the line break code is two characters: a carriage return followed by a line feed (CR/LF).

What is a line break example?

First, a line break cuts the phrase, “I mete and dole unequal laws unto a savage race,” into two at the end of the first line. Similarly, a break occurs in other lines like “I will drink life to lees,” “All times I have enjoyed greatly, have suffer’d greatly,” and “I am become a name.”

What is a break line?

: the last line of a paragraph especially when not of full length when printed.

How do you add a line in P tag?

To use this shortcut, move to the text cursor to where you want the new line to begin. Then, press and hold the Shift key, and press the Enter key. If this keyboard shortcut does not work, it is likely only possible to enter a new line by manually inserting a line break (“
” tag) in the document’s HTML code.

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How do you add a line break in HTML list?

If you have and ul displayed horizontaly and want to get a br: just add an extra ’empty’ li with a 100% width, so it won’t be displayed but it will produce a break line!